CBE Mission / Vision

The Philippines lies at the threshold of a dynamic economic future with people at the center of growth.

Giving impetus to the country’s thrust to maintain its globally-competitive advantage in knowledge-based human resources is the joint resolve of three stalwarts in Cebu’s socio-civic movement -- the resolve to reform and enhance the country’s education system to become more responsive to the challenges of a globalized world order.

Thus was convened the Coalition for Better Education in April 2001.

Facilitating the creation of the coalition that would pursue the dream of improving the quality Philippine Education System were three organizations: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., the Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. and Philippine Business for Social Progress.

Composed of the various education stakeholders, from the academe, students, parents, government, non-government to business organizations,, the Coalition for Better Education committed itself to the vision: CREATING EMPOWERED LEARNING COMMUNTIES

This vision would be achieved through its mission

The CBE is a powerful source of potential solutions to emerging local and global educational realities that empower communities to create and sustain a relevant learning environment.


2015-2020 CBE Strategic Plan

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