Global Filipino Schools
Building a Stronger, ICT-Empowered Learning Community

GlobeTelecom is once more taking the lead in leveling up initiatives to support CBE's vision of creating empowered learning communities through the implementation of the Global Filipino Schools (GFS) Program. GFS envisions the creation of a model ICT school, or a “Center of Excellence”, which features a balanced mix of capacity-building, infrastructure and replicability. By the end of the day, GFS intends to showcase what education merged with apt technology can do to uplift a community and how a community can be empowered to sustain quality in its educational system. Further, it will engage education stakeholders, from both private and government sectors, and make them more response-able in improving the quality of education all over the country.

CBE's involvement in the program comes in the capacity-building component. The organization will equip principals, school heads, teachers, students and community leaders with leadership and management skills on how to run a GFS. CBE will subsequently take on the monitoring and evaluation of the schools and documentation of best practices that will be incubated as “next” practices. Through the program, Globe , CBE and other prject partners hope to provide the impetus to develop graduates whose technology skills and knoweldge will be at par with global standards.

A Global Filipino School for each region in the country is targeted within the next three years. Partnerships with and unequivocal support by key government agencies, particularly the Dept. of Education (DepEd), and the local government units (LGUs) concerned will therefore be crucial in the creation and sustainability of these exemplar schools. The launch of the GFS Program may be deemed too lofty by some, but for most of us who are painfully aware of its genuine state, would mean something that is long over due and well-deserved by the Philippine educational system.

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