Global Filipino Teachers Program (GFT)

Seeking to provide more of what they require, Globe Telecom Inc. once more reached out to public schools in the country to further students' knowledge in information and communication technologies by piloting its ICT training program for teachers.

The program is dubbed the “Global Filipino Teachers,” a company initiative under the Globe Bridging Communities, Globe Telecom’s corporate social responsibility program which intends to improve teaching efficiency of teachers and re-engineer their roles in schools in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Coalition for Better Education (CBE).

The program involves giving ICT Training to teachers from schools which are beneficiaries of Globe Internet in Schools (ISP) program. Globe is able to help prepare young Filipinos to be globally competitive by introducing them to Internet Literacy skills and opening doors to a wide range of information available on the internet.

Global Filipino Teacher program is a rigorous 54-hour module that trains teachers on how to utilize and integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools like computers and the internet in teaching basic subjects like English, Science, Math, and Hekasi. GFT has transformed computers and the internet from just being desktop sources of information into instruments of interactive teaching and online collaboration.

The Coalition for Better Education provided the content of the training for the teachers. The participants will be taught with things incorporated in four modules:

The first one is the ICT applications for projects where teachers will be taught how to efficiently use and navigate through the Internet while enhancing their comprehension skills.

The second module is the authentic assessment which will teach them of better grading system that is performance based using all the available ICT tools.

The third module focuses with online collaboration which will encourage teachers on how to open their class to the whole world using the modern age communications.

The last module, which output will be the basis for teachers' evaluation, is the project-based learning (PBL) method approach were teachers will be required to create projects where they could apply all they have learned.

The trainings focus more on content because teacher participants are required to have their basic ICT skills before they could have the privilege to join.

After the training, teachers will be given three types of certificates: the certificate of attendance, certificate of completion, certificate of proficiency which will be useful to teachers if they will apply for ranking or if they pursue post-studies because the course will have its equivalent credits for ICT they can use.

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