Socrates once said, it takes the community to educate a child.

Along this premise, INVOLVING COMMUNITIES FOR BETTER EDUCATION (iNCUBE), showcases the involvement of the community in the governance of a local public school. The structure of the pilot model is designed where the community co-administers and co-manages plans, programs and projects of the local public school.

The iNCUBE follows the following processes:

  • conduct of a gap-analysis to determine types and levels of program intervention needed by the school;
  • Conduct of support/intervention focusing on the following areas:
    • curriculum development;
    • teacher training;
    • academe-industry linkage
    • community and parent involvement.
  • Implementation of advocacy and information, education and communication activities to supplement the intervention process;
  • Establishment of a community-based center that is designed to provide fee-based services to community members for learning and business development activities was also established in Tayud under the iNCUBE Program. Equipped with internet and business support facilities, the center is also a venue for training programs and meetings of the local school development council. A percentage of the net income of the center is used for school development efforts. The center is a joint collaboration by and between CBE, the Local School Development Council of Tayud, Tayuranon Multi-purpose Cooperative, A. King Foundation, San Miguel Foods, PBSP and Globe Telecom.
  • Conduct of regular assessment is to ensure success of project intervention. iNCUBE was piloted in Tayud National and Elementary Schools in Consolacion, Cebu Province from 2004-2010. Positive results are seen in the increase of students' achievement from 37% in 2004 to 61% in 2009. Improved teacher performance, enhanced curricula which integrates the use of Information and Communications Technology, Values and Competency-based standards and most importantly, active community and parent participation in school activities are keys to the success of iNCUBE.

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