How To Be a CBE Collaborator

HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT CBE and its projects?

  • Become CBE members and enlist in any of the four committees ( Training and Development, leadership and Governance, Academe-Industry-Government Linkage, Educational Community ) that you would like to be involved in.
  • Volunteer as experts in the areas of :
    • Teacher training
    • Curriculum development
    • Instructional Design using ICT
    • Research & Advocacy
    • Information, education & communications
  • Support a teacher
    • Send teachers as scholars to the Master of Arts in Instructional Design Graduate Program
    • Send teachers as scholars to the short-term training and certification programs that CefTEx offers
  • Support for iNCUBE and GFS:
    • Support the establishment of the Community Resource Center which is located at the Barangay Town Center in terms of:
      • Furnitures and fixture
        • Paint
      • 5 Computer units with peripherals
      • 1 Printer with scanner and photocopier
      • Internet installation
      • Chairs
      • Tables
      • 2 Air Conditioning units
    • Support for the renovation of the schools
      • Construction of a proposed 5-storey building for the High School
      • Construction of an AV Center
      • Construction of a multi-purpose recreational center
      • Renovation of the Administration Building
      • Renovation of Restrooms
      • Donation of books/CDs with educational content for the library
      • Fund Support for the Para-teaching Program
    • Volunteers
      • Trainors for School for Parents
      • Para-teachers
    • Researchers
      • Call for Graduate Students and other researchers to adopt iNCUBE Tayud as their thesis/dissertation. Areas of study are available at the CBE office for interested students
    • Replication of iNCUBE
      • Call For other organizations to replicate iNCUBE in other locations. CBE will provide the tools, norms and standards for the replication of iNCUBE.

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