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CBE supports the move of the Department of Education (DepEd) to implement an enhanced K to 12 Basic Education program effective this coming school year. This is in line with CBE’s advocacy for an enhanced basic education, a national reform agenda being espoused by Education Nation, a network of education stakeholders of which the organization is part.

The K to 12 Program intends to address a major economic woe in the country - a dwindling, qualified workforce. The current academic cycle stands at 14 years - 10 years in basic education and four (4) years, tertiary - which means that a graduate can become part of the workforce after 14 years in school. Contrary to popular belief that the program adds two (2) more years in high school, it actually deducts two from the cycle. After 12 years, the graduate is now equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to join the work force. In the current cycle, high school graduates aged 16 years or below who do not wish to enrol in college will have to wait two more years before they become age eligible (18 above) to be absorbed in the workforce. By the time they become eligible, the competencies they have previously learned will have become out-dated, thus requiring them to re-train. In the enhanced cycle, student graduates at age 18, possessng the necessary and updated competencies, can immediately be hired.

Another common misconception of the program, is that it would entail additional cost. The K to 12 cycle will actually turn out to be more cost-saving, as the additional two years would be free, since it is part of basic education. As well, there is no additional expense incurred to re-train graduates, since they are able to promptly join the workforce soon after they finish high school.

While the curriculum is still finalized and apprehensions remain about how the enhanced program will suit an educational system that is used to the 14-year cycle, the fact remains that an expanded education cycle is essential to life-long learning.

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