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The following are the benefits for CBE members

4.1. Access to education information and updates;

4.2. Access to fellowships, scholarships;

4.3. Subsidized professional development programs;

4.4. Assistance/facilitation re: registration requirements for new schools;

4.5. Membership Card/Certificate

4.6. Availment of special rates or discounts from selected outlets in Cebu through the Membership Privilege Card (MPC);

4.7. Networks and linkages with other education stakeholders;

4.8. Opportunity to be part of CBE’s Pool of Consultants and share one’s expertise through the various programs of the organization;

4.9. Opportunity to conduct education advocacies and school development efforts;

4.10. Support Center for members, start-up schools and CSR activities through the provision of the following services for free or at special rates:

  1. newsletters;
  2. training programs;
  3. researches and studies;
  4. consultancies, and;
  5. dialogues

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