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My Worthwhile Experience as a CBE Intern
By: Nikko Palermo, XU Intern

It was on April 8, 2013 when I started my internship at the Coalition for Better Education (CBE). My heart was pounding so fast when I entered the office as it was my first working experience. I never thought that I would land a job in CBE as an intern because I didn’t have any idea what the organization is about.

Ma’am Kookie Gutierrez was the first person I’ve met in the office. Meeting her the first time didn’t make me uncomfortable. She has a bubbly and jolly personality which made me think that I can easily get along with her. She showed us our working desk which we will be using for the whole duration of our internship and fondly introduced us to everybody.

Ma’am Kookie told us to wait for Sir EncyEncinares, our other immediate supervisor, to give us instructions on our first task. While waiting, my co-intern Diana and I were talking about how excited and nervous we were not noticing that Sir Encywas already in the office preparing for our orientation. At first look, I thought that he’s also an intern and then I realized that he’s the person we were waiting for. It shocked me to know that he has been with CBE for so many years already.

During the orientation, everyone was talking casually to each other. They gave us the impression that they would not consider us as inferior to them because we were only interns. In my mind, I would say that they were really good persons, which would make them good officemates.

After the orientation, we were introduced to the otherstaff of CBE. We met Sir AlvinArnibal, who doesn’t really talk that much;Ma’amChellowOchea, the very talkative and expressive one; the very hilarious Kuya Rowell, who maintains the cleanliness and does the office errands; andthe Executive Director, Ma’am Luchi Flores.

Throughout my whole experience in CBE, I got the chance to know these people very well. These awesome people helped me shape my knowledge as a Development Communication student.And as an education-centred organization,my understanding about shaping the face of education has expanded in terms of educating the teachers.For instance, CBE’s vision “Creating Empowered Communities of Learning” is implemented, among other ways, through Integrate Technology in Class (ICT)Trainings.

My internship in CBE was worthwhile. The opportunity that this internship gave me made me realize how important it is to be knowledgeable in our field. We must know how to deal with different types of peoplethat we might encounter, especially during events and trainings.

My passion and love for teaching have always been there and my experience in CBE had it reinforced. I’m lucky enough to be able to work in an organization that focuses their path on education. I really do hope that CBE will continue to educate and inspire the educatorsof the Philippines, for this country does not only need good leaders, but also the best teachers.

Thank you CBE!

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