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A Taste of Reality
By: Diane Zamora, XU Intern

April 8, 2013.

I can still remember clearly when my co-intern, Nikko, and I stepped inside the office of CBE, feeling very nervous and excited at the same time. We were both facing another chapter in our lives, which was way different than we have been used to. We had no idea what was going to happen next and what else will happen for the rest of our stay. Most people would call it the fear of the unknown. That’s exactly how I felt while we were waiting outside the office. However amid all these worries, we were both surely feeling excited and ready for a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” – our internship.

In our one month and two weeksstay as interns, we had done variety of work - article writing, layouting and even photo documentation for the various events conducted by CBE. These included the Candidates Fora, ICT Trainings and Microsoft Training. All of these tasks given to us were a great opportunity for us to enhance our skills and capabilities as Development Communication students since these are what we are usually asked to do in school as well. The whole experience made me realize that having a job is indeed, not easy.

Aside from the work itself, I’ve learned that the people you work with can also be a factor on how you enjoy and love your job. And for me, the one aspect where CBE did not fail me was giving me a chance to get to know the wonderful people behind it who were so accommodating and helpful to us in every single way. My previous apprehensions turned out to be wrong as I continued to work with Ma’am Luchi and her staff. They are truly one fun group to be with.

To wrap it all up, one thing I can say about my experience in CBE is that it was worthwhile. From the people to the food to the events and everything else, I’ve gained lots of learnings which I know would be very useful someday when I have my own job in the “real world”. All I can say is, as I had my own taste of reality, and I realized that it in the end, it all tasted sweet. My experience in CBE will be a very beautiful memory that I will surely cherish, always.

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