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A total of 19 trained school principals in Batch 3 have been monitored and evaluated, starting 9th of April until 8th day of May 2013. The school visits were grouped according to geographical locations. The M&E experts were assigned to specific areas and were accompanied by Ms.ChellowOchea, CBE Project Specialist. The conduct of the monitoring and evaluation activities was divided into two sessions; (1) focus group discussion with the teachers who are under the supervision of the Lead Principal, and; (2) cluster meetings with the school principals, from Negros Occidental, Panay Island (Iloilo and Roxas City) .

Out of 29 trained school principals, only 19 schools were visited and only 10 submitted their draft school technology roadmaps. The rest are still in the draft stage and have not been approved by CBE and DepEd for implementation.

The following schools have not been visited due to conflict of schedules, mostly on seminars and conferences conducted at the division level:

  1. Eusebio Integrated School (Sagay City)
  2. T.M Morada ES (Bago City)
  3. Cong. V. Gustilo MES (San Carlos City)
  4. Sipaway NHS (San Carlos City)
  5. Nagasi ES (La Carlota City)
  6. Bilbao-Uybico NHS (Negros Occidental)
  7. Tanza ES (Roxas City)
  8. EfraimSantibanez NHS (Passi City)
  9. Northern Antique VS (Antique)
  10. Sta. Justa ES (Antique)

The principals cited that one of the major reasons for their failure to comply the school roadmap, and implementation of the roadmap is hectic schedules in school operations. Likewise, the principals found it difficult to register to the PIL network and PILSR website, thus prompting them to forget the survey they were conducting, and losing interest in the process. Rotation of principals to different school assignments in the middle to last quarter of the year also made it difficult for them to implement their roadmaps. There was no line of succession because the principals were not able to do turn-over of responsibilities to the incoming principals due to time constraint.

Along this line, CBE and the school principals agreed to extend the deadline of the submission of roadmaps and conduct of coaching activities to the 1st quarter of School Year 2013-2014. Phone-in interviews and/or subsequent monitoring will be conducted as soon as the above schools comply with submission of the above requirements.

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