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In a special resolution issued by the board of trustees during its special board meeting on September 13, 2011, two (2) personalities have been appointed to sit in the CBE Board representing the Media and Youth sector respectively. There was a failure of elections in these two sectors in the last CBE election in August due to absence of qualified nominees. Under Article ____of the organizations Constitution and by-laws, the board of trustees have the authority to appoint ….

Our first appointee, Mr. Marlon Baula, will represent the Media Sector replacing Mr. Carlo Dugaduga, outgoing board member. Mr. Baula has an extensive experience as media practitioner and is Manager of DYHR Hot FM. He is also currently the president of the Kapisanan Ng Mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) – Cebu Chapter Branch.

The Junior Educators Alliance (JEA), completes our roster of the board of trustees this fiscal year. Representing the Youth sector, Members of JEA have been active participants in most CBE events. JEA has finally registered as an institutional member of CBE last September. The organization is represented by its President, Mr. Sigmund Ericson Batulan, a senior education student of USJ–R. Sigmund, replaces Ms. Jean Balungcas, outgoing youth representative.

Welcome Marlon and Sigmund. Here’s wishing you the best of times in the CBE board.

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