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The months of February and March prove to be a hectic period for CBE when it begins its series of monitoring and evaluation activities for teachers trained in its ICT Integration and PBL Approaches Program. 98 teachers from the Global Filipino Teachers Program of Globe Telecom and 25 more from Project TeACH under City Savings Bank will be evaluated on application of 21st Century Skills Approaches, integration of technology and implementation of PBL activities in their schools.

Teachers who pass the CBE evaluation will be issued Certificates of Proficiency and will be eligible to apply as Peer Coach, the 2nd level of the Teacher Enhancement Program developed by CBE. Areas to be covered in the M&E reach as far as Ilocos Norte in Luzon and South Cotabato in Mindanao. CBE has fully institutionalized its M&E component with the development of new tools that will provide both quantitative and qualitative measure to the variables being evaluated.

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