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CBE to conduct LEAP Series
Press Release
Coalition for Better Education (CBE)
Contact: Luchi Flores, 4164624 to 25, email

The Coalition for Better Education (CBE) will hold a series of Mindshare sessions that is anchored on the theme of its 13th year Founding Anniversary: “Leading, Enabling, Advancing and Promoting Education for 21st Century Learning. Dubbed as the LEAP Series, these one hour pep talks are designed to give the audience a view of how Education should be positioned that will lead schools to practice and students to acquire 21st Century Learning Skills.

21st Century Learning is focused on three major themes: Learning and Collaboration Skills (Critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity), Life and Career Skills, ICT and Media Fluency Skills. Topics such as: Building Schools of the Future, How does my school rate under the 21st Century Score card, Mind mapping, Using ipads and tablets in Teaching, Advancing Education through ICT and Media Fluency, Teaching Life and Career Skills in the Classroom and other relevant topics on Education and 21st Century Learning will be presented.

A blended approach will be used as medium of communication where virtual and F2Fsessions will be conducted in collaboration with international and Philippine education experts.

The LEAP Series will be held on the following dates and corresponding venues:

  • “L-EADING” Sessions (for education leaders, decision-makers) Date: July 11, 2 – 5pm, CBE Center for Teacher Excellence, CNU Campus.
  • “E-NABLING” Sessions (for pre-service & in-service teachers) Date: July 18, 2-5 pm, University of the Visayas.
  • “A-DVANCING” Sessions (for all) Date: July 25, 10am – 5pm, University of San Jose-Recoletos, Basak Campus.
  • “P-ROMOTING” Exhibit of BEST PRACTICES in 21st Century Learning, Date: August 1, 3-8p.m., Harolds Hotel, Gorordo Avenue.

Subsidized Fees will be assessed at Php 250 for all L-E-A Sessions (CBE Members) and Php 300 (non-CBE members). For those opting to attend the “L” or “E” sessions only, Php 100 for CBE members and P120 for non-CBE members will be assessed. “A” sessions cost P 120 for CBE members and Php 150 for non-CBE members. Fees include snacks, materials and (or those attending all 3 sessions, Certificate of Participation.

For more information, please contact CBE at 4164624 to 25 or email their office at

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