Testimonial Speech CBE’s 13th Founding Anniversary
Aug. 1, 2014- Harold’s Hotel , Cebu City

My salutations to our CBE Pres. Jeff Tarayao, to our Executive Director Ma’am Luchi Flores, to all of the BODs, members and guests, Good evening ! And it would not be complete without me greeting you all, Magandang GenSan!

As CBE leads, it enables a teacher like me to advance in promoting education for 21st Century learning.

CBE,with its vision and mission, created ripples of change through time.

As it gathers more weavers of dreams, it strengthens the fibers of the society and those are the TEACHERS.

Tonight , I am truly blessed to be one of the trained teachers of CBE along with its partners, Globe telecom, DepEd and more.

And now let me share my journey.

CBE Opens a new door...

November 2011, my journey as GFT began. I started to have a Regional Network of Proficient GFTs.

With the implementation of our 1st PBL it has given me and my students more ideas that we can actually widen our horizon and involve our community even better. With the mangrove growing we have at Brgy. Bula, we were able to realize that we can do more for our community especially in this area to help sustain and protect our fishes.


As my journey continues, I was so blessed to be part of the 30 Peer Coaches trained here in Cebu City in 2012. With that, GFT mentorhip ignited. I was able to train my co-GFTs in my school then we came up with 7 more and 2 of those were sent here to be trained to become Profficient GFTs.

As a GFT Peer coach , I am also able to share what I have trained for , as I trained and assisted more teachers and students even in Campus Journalism.Shared to them where they can do research using the websites .For the teachers as well , I shared to them what Ma’am Luchi and Sir Babia taught us during our trainings. I am so glad to be part of the team assisting teachers in my division ,and able to share as well how they can use ICT and technology in their teaching strategies, lessons and more.

With the training and emphasis on ICT integration in the teaching learning process, I am assisting the trainings with Ma’am Rizza Valdez, a Peer Coach for school heads.With that Ma’am Rizza is able to hit the target of her new school school Dad. South Central ES to a 6% increase in the NAT 2014 results.

As a Peer Coach ,I am so blessed as well to assist 17 teachers from Tamban National HS with GFT Macaranas. Thankful to Ma’am Luchi for inviting me to assist too during the training of the 35 teachers from Visayas, Aklan and more here in Cebu City. It is always good to pay forward.

Indeed,” Life is so much brighter when we truly focus on what truly matters”, and that is giving quality education to our students.


CBE has proven one thing...CBE taught me to look at things from a new perspective. Doing our usual ways in teachings with innovation ,to make learning more fun and meaningful.

In my class of 50, I have different types of learners with learning disabilities, behavior problems, mild retardation, mild autism and visually impaired students aside from the fast learners and the gifted.With PBL ,each child is able to be part of the learning activity.


As a GFT , life is not a bed of roses for there are times we have to struggle and live with that spirit to keep moving on.So blessed to have the CBE, for anytime we can always run to them ask assistance and guidance. To Ma’am Luchi, Ma’am Chellow and the GFTs , it helped us through. Last year when I was transferred to 3rd year classes, I made my 2nd PBL but this time I made modifications. We conducted our PBL about short film making. It was made possible despite of the lack of facilities in our school.

The teachers, school heads and parents supported us. With the parents’ provisions to their children we were able to launch our 1st short film festival.It wasn’t easy for I have all the types of learners not only the Giftd and Fast learners but all what I did was to be more patient and the goal was..they were able to make it- their short film.PBL made each of them work and have fun. We even have one sponsor from our community assisting us with the editing equipment and with an interview.


I am thankful for the recognition given to us as GFTs. In 2012 I was one of the awardees of Globe Telecom and GFT as Outstanding Teacher.


In the same year , I won as one of the Metrobank Outstanding Teachers.And being a GFT has helped me a lot. I’m a teacher 1 when I joined the said competition and so blessed to win.

In 2013, I am so happy to be awarded as an Outstanding Alumna. And so proud too to pay forward to the school that shaped me of who I am today.And not only that , I became one of the people bringing the name of my division and city to the region to inspire more teachers.


With the trainings I got from CBE, being a GFT helped me through to have this opportunity, a benchmarking in Australia. What I have experienced and learned during the benchmarking surprises me. One of it was PBL .. I’m so glad I was able to share and this is not something new to me. Even our ASD who went to Brunei during his benchmarking also mentioned how PBL works to make the students have fun and learning at the same time.


So thankful with Dr. Labe, Sir Babia, Ma’am Luchi for training me facing people especially for exposing us when we defend our PBLs. Though we face people everyday, it’s totally different to have people like them in authority helped me through.

This was during the time I presented my Re-Entry Action Plan (REAP).


I am able too to pass NC 2 in Commercial Cooking and NC3 in Events and Management. I learned more where to go to for research on menus and even do lay out for my events and management layout. With this, I am ready to teach for the Kto12 in these areas.

CBE’s empowerment surprises...

Indeed, “Good things are coming down the road.Just don’t stop walking.”Recently, my school is one of the 10 schools who qualified to become a Global Filipino School (GFS) a project of Globe Telecom.

As GFT , we are empowered to make a difference, and thankful for the support we get as we all continue to serve.


Thank you for making a difference.

You never knew how much you change our lives.

In closing, we always pray and dream that the next 13 years CBE will be stronger and becomes a Center of Leadership and Teaching Excellence in the country.

All the GFTs dream that soon CBE would become a CBE ACADEMY.

And with your continued support CBE ACADEMY will be possible.

Congratulations & Happy 13th Founding Anniversary CBE! God bless you always & Magandang GenSan!

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