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“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” – If a person asks you such question, what you will your response be? If you ask me, I’ll probably answer EVERYTHING. I’ll climb up to the Mt. Everest, land on the Moon, create a RoboCop, travel the universe and do anything that seems impossible to me. But life shakes you and brings you back to REALITY. Failure is inevitable. A fact we could never neglect. Yet, will it stop you from trying? Did it stop me? Well, let me tell you a story.

There was this girl who lives in a world of confusion, in a family of apartness, with neighbors of negligence and in a society of turmoil. Very unfortunate of her, yet fortunately she is alive. Yes, I testify to that for that girl was me. So then, with these circumstances, how can one not fear FAILING, when her surrounding has been a genuine evident of failure? Well the answer is DREAMING – how? Let us continue the story.

So, the girl – who I meant me, continues to live. I consistently strive to be a good daughter, sister, niece, cousin, student, friend and whatever my roles can be and will be. But why I desire these?Because I have a dream – a DREAM that one day my world of confusion, family of apartness, neighbors of negligence and society of turmoil will recognize me. I do not meant the limelight to be on me, but I just want to be felt – to be felt that I exist not just as anybody but as SOMEBODY.

But dreams do not become reality through magic. As what they say, “It takes sweat, determination and hard work.” And I can swear to God, to all the angels and saints in heaven that I did sweat greatly, determined so much that it used most of my brain’s capacity and worked so hard that is analogous to a rock. To cut it short, I did everything I can to be where I am right now. Not yet at the finished line, but someday, with God’s help, I’ll reach there.

To end the story, here comes the day where I would reap all the fruits of my labor and the fruits of my dreaming – My graduation. I was only expecting my name to be called once, but then God is so good in making surprises. I was called three times, but the last call was the most surprising, most unexpected and rewarding. To be given the CBE (Coalition for Better Education) Student Leadership Award and for my actions, leadership and contribution in and off the campus to be acknowledged are indeed very rewarding and fulfilling. It is rewarding in the sense that, all my endeavors and hard work were witnessed. Fulfilling for my dream was made into reality – I was more than just felt, I was recognized.

I never expected such award. Not even a single thought of it came into my mind. Somehow because I had only a simple dream – that is to be felt. But then, God’s dreams for us are greater than our dreams. It was indeed one of my happiest moments in my life and as well as for my world of confusion, family of apartness, neighbors of negligence and society of turmoil.

And so my dream continues, but not only to be felt. With this award given and entrusted to me, to be felt is not just enough. Now, as I open a new chapter of my life as an educator, my dream is not only to be felt, but to take actions and make a change. With my simple steps, I can help in the development of our country especially in the area of education. It might be the tiniest and simplest steps, but if these steps affect a hundred folds, then who says there can be no change.

So did failure stop me? – The answer is NO and it shall not stop you as well. As a famous saying goes “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, and that is the fear of failure.” Let us not be afraid of committing mistakes nor of failing for if we do not fail, we would never learn. Hence, failing isn’t bad after all.It is then rightfully to say that the failing is just not enough for one not to take the dreaming.

Finally, thank you CBE. Thank you for making a little girl’s dreams come alive.

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