What’s in store for CBE in 2015?

While the past 13 years of CBE’s existence focused on projects and partnerships, 2015 will be a year focusing on internal and organizational sustainability. We will be directing our efforts on activities and events that will provide sustainable growth to our organization. Thus, this will be a year that will test our ability to grow and develop as an organization, making use of our internal resources, talents and abilities.

Now on its 2nd year, the Medal of Excellence Awards Night will be held in April to recognize outstanding students who will graduate for school year 2014-15 in March.

We will commence our countdown to our 15th year as an organization when we celebrate our 14th Foundation Day in August this year.

We will also continue to partner with Mega Cebu in this year’s academic competition in September which will focus more on the Technical and Vocational Track.

Our partnership with One Meralco Foundation in 2015 will be more on training teachers in Meralco service areas to become content developers in Science particularly in the study of Energy and its related topics. Our pool of content developers trained in 2014 will be tapped to conduct the training programs.

Finally, we will embark on a big education event in the last quarter of the year that will bring not only financial sustainability to our organization but most importantly contribute to the professional enhancement of our members.

We encourage you dear members to be active “listeners”, “seers” and “talkers” about trends, updates and news regarding Education in general by participating in our committee meetings, contributing blogs/write-ups in our website and FB group. Our various committees have also planned out activities and events that you can participate in either as organizer or participant. We enjoin you to volunteer: be heard, seen and talked about!

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