Circular Reasoning
By: Lorelee D. Asignacion

To succeed in what you wish to achieve, you must possess the single-minded devotion in pursuing everything that you do.

The very first workday in 2015 was spent beyond the confines of my institution in a classroom where I was labeled as “trainee” (meaning learner). It was by far the heaviest. One hundred hours of training was rebooted and pegged at 320 hours with a different set of course title, course requirement, and course content. The total overhaul prompted the learner in me to change everything I have finished: self- assessment, training needs, session guide… including the 30-paged module. Nobody said it was easy but the choice to engage in the draining, nerve-wracking endeavor only made the challenge worth accepting. I took the gun, bit the bullet, locked and loaded, pulled the trigger, zoomed… and on my way to hit the target.

The past year was rough… no, roughest. But I never realized then that those moments of utter difficulty that reduced me to nothing actually triggered to bring out the best in me. Now, I’m thanking God for the worst. At times He gives us the hardest test, including the strongest force that would prompt us to let go of things and people we refuse to release. Things and people who blinded us into believing they are meant preserving; and the stubbornness that crippled even our ability to soar and trapped us in our own cage of defeat. Only when He reveals why we had to go through the most painful process we realize that it’s for us to grow our bigger, stronger wings so we can reach new heights. So, welcome 2015!

This year is another time to embrace more lessons. Not for the sake of learning what’s there to be learned, but more like establishing the reasons why lessons have to be learned in any circumstance. Let’s get some doses.

  1. We all have skill, dignity and posture. We may have a good grasp of technique and maybe even mastered everything that we do. But we also need to master our mind because we can’t settle ourselves in the middle of life’s battles scared to death or coming out deathly pale. We all know it is easy to resolve situations when the circumstances are favorable. But more often than not, we cannot hit our targets when we are treading dangerous grounds because we are too scared at things that might happen even if they don’t happen. So it’s time to gather up guts and gear up again. After all, we cannot always choose our battlefields.
  2. We should not judge people without first learning to hear and to respect them. We cannot humiliate another or try to prove that we are better, even if at times we may give away that impression. For always, we wanted to show off our art and have it recognized, failing to realize that we can actually serve everyone, and our craft can be of service to everything. We can be taught not to judge but it takes the difficult process to practice it every day until we achieve the necessary precision.
  3. Trust your intuition and pay no attention to what anyone else may say. Seek companions with whom you can share your enthusiasm for life. People always judge others by taking as a model their own limitations, and other people’s opinions are often full of prejudice and fear.
  4. The man who never finds the joy of sharing life with others in the midst of trials will never know his own qualities and defects. Find people who are not afraid of making mistakes; who make mistakes, and are never publicity-hungry. They are the kind who can help transform the world and can manage to do something that can make a real difference in the community.
  5. Join with those who are willing to fall, take risks, experiment, get hurt, and take more risks. Stay away from those who criticize those who do not think like them, those who affirm truths; people who have never once taken a step unless they were sure to be respected for doing so, and who prefers certainties to doubts.
  6. Be open and be not afraid to be vulnerable, and go with those who are the same. You can only understand people once you start looking at what they are doing, not in order to judge them, but to admire them for their dedication and courage.
  7. As sure as spring follows winter, nothing ever ends. After achieving your goals, you must start again using everything you have learned along the way.
  8. Be clear about your intentions. Even the tongue has no conscience…it can serve to inspire or kill.
  9. Never hold yourself back from doing what’s right if all that paralyzes you is the fear of making mistakes. Even if you fail to reach the target, you will learn how to improve your aim next time. If you never take risk, you will never know what changes you need to make.
  10. Try to be in harmony with your own soul and never take more than it can give. Do not dissipate your energies by doing what is unnecessary. Never keep running on empty, and let your purpose be a reason for others to rejoice knowing you. Give meaning to your own existence. You are not a piece of wood.

So, let’s carry on! We still have our mission.

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