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Six Weeks in the Real World
By: John Uy, DevCom Xavier Intern

For years, I had been trapped in an endless cycle. A world of three things; school, family and friends were all I had ever been exposed to. This is why jumping into a world where I had no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to do it was very interesting and it made me very enthusiastic. I found myself counting the days until my flight to Cebu to join the ranks of the Coalition for Better Education as an intern.

I had all sorts of apprehensions. From the email exchanges I had with Ms. Luchi Flores and Ms. Chellow Ochea, I deduced them to be very serious and particular of everything that I do. I was nervous. I had never worked for anyone outside the family before this opportunity. The only familiar person I would be around in the workplace would be Christine, my fellow Devcom batchmate. I was in for a ride.

The morning of the flight finally came and the word “excited” did not even begin to describe how I was feeling. The flight to Cebu wasn’t eventful; I flew over with my uncle who was going to spend a few weeks in Cebu for an after-graduation vacation. From the airport, we made our way to my aunt’s house. She welcomed us and she took me to the office that morning because I didn’t know my way around the city at all. I found my way to the office after she dropped me off and in I went for my first day.

I was immediately put to work by my superiors; Ms. Chellow gave Christine and me things to do immediately. We were tabulating the results for monitoring projects they were conducting on what they called their Global Filipino Teachers program. It was a program committed to making Filipino teachers stand up to the standards and requirements set by the world leaders in education.

I was serious for the rest of the morning until it came for us to have lunch. It was the Jude’s, the CBE bookkeeper’s, birthday. Immediately the seriousness in the atmosphere for Christine and myself disappeared as we dug in to a great meal.

Over the course of the six weeks, all my apprehensions were slowly erased as it became my daily thing to report for work. Not a lot surprised me in the office anymore (except for the occasional flying spoon). I finally had my long-awaited taste of the “real world” or so it was called.

It was a great experience working with CBE and I highly encourage a lot of education students, sociology students and other DevCom students to think of an internship with CBE. Working with them really gives you first-hand information on the status of teachers in the Philippine education system and how they’re doing in comparison to the worldwide standards of teaching.

I got to go to places that I would never have been to otherwise (both for work and not really for work). It was a great experience to get out of my comfort-zone which was Cagayan de Oro in the closely-held clutch of my family’s hands. I have CBE and my school, Xavier University to thank for all of that.

Overall, I’d say it was a great experience. I might even, one day, join the Coalition for Better Education (I’m already thinking about it) because I have always had that passion for teaching but I never really had the skill. CBE is a great organization with a great cause and a great team. To Ma’am Luchi, Ms. Chellow, Ms. Kookie, Sir Jude, Sir Ency and Kuya Rowell, I owe you all a lot for this great ride. Kudos.


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