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By: Cristine Olalo, DevCom Xavier Intern

In any area of human endeavor, there will always be something lacking. Be it an advanced or an imitation society. However, I believe this should not hinder us to find ways to improve ourselves for the betterment of our future.

Knowing that a good education system is fundamental to a community to progress, a lot of interventions continue to expand for a more effective ways to sustain it.

In aiding the educational system in the Philippines, a lot of group organizations have collaborated for the improvement of our society especially in creating and empowering communities to overcome ignorance and poverty in the country.

However, being given the chance to be an Intern student in a non-government organization, the Coalition for Better Education (CBE) introduced me to the real world of learning despite of numerous educational deficiencies.

CBE, as a multi-stakeholder organization, is a neutral group that is open to new ideas in alleviating the educational status in the Philippines. It initially promotes social, economic and environmental programs with prominence on community self-development especially on public schools. Their educational promotions on the practical application of the current technological community development procedures have brought many members and conveners to do more in order to sustain good educational condition in the Philippines.

To some extent, working with CBE taught me so many things not just an Intern to their good organization but more importantly as an individual. Their passion in aiding the educational system to many schools and teachers here in the country altered my perception for the future of the Philippine education. However, knowing that CBE solely is not an assurance to make all those good intentions possible, with the collaborations of the other educational stakeholders in the country, CBE has paved way in empowering individuals with new skills and competencies, thereby improving their overall standards of living. The sincere advocacies of the organization opened my mind to a series of thoughts that really, creating a relevant and sustainable learning environment is a one big step for a better quality of learning.

In a nutshell, through CBE’s genuine deeds in alleviating the educational condition in our country, I realized how lucky I am to be able to experience and became a part of this very promising organization. I hope that CBE will have more years to continue to help others particularly in strengthening the quality of education in our society.


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